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EPO Oral Proceedings

Heidelberg Pre-Christmas Course 2017

2000-11-30 2017-12-01 Chester Convention Center Heidelberg Bonhoefferstr. 12 69123 Heidelberg +49 6221 9983-700 +49 6221 9983-704

Masterclass: EPO Oral Proceedings

Heidelberg Pre-Christmas Course 2017

This course will lead participants through all essential steps in preparing for Oral Proceedings. The first part of the day is devoted to the patent granting procedure and opposition. The second part will prepare you for a better presentation before the Boards of Appeal. The day will be completed with case studies and role simulations guided by our excellent speakers.


  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Dealing with Examining and Opposition Divisions
  • Procedural pitfalls to avoid
  • Appearing before the Boards of Appeal
  • Full-Day Mock Trial Based on EPO Case-Law
  • Practical tips on presentation
  • Training confident behaviour before the Boards of Appeal

This distinguishes our event

European Patent Attorney
Patent Counsel/EPA

Aims and objectives

Our experts will show you all the different aspects which have to be taken into account when being summoned to Oral Proceedings. It will go from the preparation through to the actual presentation at the Oral Proceedings itself, without neglecting important procedural aspects which can play a determining role. Participants will be shown techniques and rules for successful participation at Oral Proceedings before the EPO. They will be given the legal, technical and practical information essential for being successful not only before Examining/Opposition Divisions, but also before Boards of Appeal. Part of the course will deal with specific aspects to be taken into account when appearing before a Board of Appeal. Procedural aspects become even more important. The programme includes real life situations and a full-day mock trial in which participants can test their skills.

Who should attend?

  • Heads and members of patent and IP departments
  • Patent attorneys in private practice


Alexander Clelland
Formerly Chairman of a Board of Appeal, European Patent Office, Munich (Germany)

Daniel Xavier Thomas
Former Director, Directorate-General 1 - Operations, European Patent Office, Munich (Germany)

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