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Course Improve your Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Skills
Improve your Regulatory
Intelligence (RI) Skills
RI and its strategic value in
pharmaceutical R&D
2020-07-17 2020-07-17 online

Improve your Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Skills

Online seminar on RI and its strategic value in pharmaceutical R&D

After having attended this online seminar, you will be aware of the key components of RI and its practical use in your role as a regulatory professional.
  • Key components of actionable regulatory intelligence
  • Sources that support global regulatory strategy decision-making
  • Using RI to maintain surveillance on the dynamic regulatory environment
  • Identifying and acting on regulatory trends
  • Ensuring organisations manage regulatory knowledge

This distinguishes our event

Overall impression: 100 % of the participants' feedback was very good or good (July 2019)
Course content: 100 % of the participants' feedback was very good or good (July 2019)
Practical benefit: 100 % of the participants' feedback was very good or good (July 2019)

Aims and objectives

This online seminar focuses on the impact of regulatory intelligence (RI) on regulatory strategies.

Two seasoned regulatory intelligence professionals will address the opportunities that RI provides to organisations, as well as which intelligence skills and competencies regulatory professionals can develop in this role.

We aim at providing you with in-depth knowledge and case studies where RI can contribute to successful regulatory and development outcomes.

Who should attend
This online seminar addresses the needs of regulatory affairs professionals directly or indirectly involved in product development and lifecycle management in the BioPharma Industry.
It will be beneficial to those interested in better understanding how to utilise regulatory intelligence (RI) to support regulatory decision-making in global regulatory strategies.
Your speakers
Linda Bowen
Seattle Genetics Bothell, Washington USA

João Duarte
Alexion Europe SAS, FRANCE

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Abbreviations, Glossary

List of abbreviations

Many abbreviations for processes, documents and authorities, amongst others, are used in all regulatory areas. We have compiled the most important ones for you.

Our list of abbreviations can be freely downloaded here.


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