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Veranstaltungen FÜR "Patente"


EP Claim Drafting Workshop: Electricity, Physics & Mechanics

Our speaker will give you tips and tricks on EP claim drafting and will show you which pitfalls to avoid.

  • online / 10. - 12.06.2020

EP Claim Drafting Workshop: Chemistry & Life Sciences

In our online course our speakers will give you tips and tricks on EP claim drafting and will show you which pitfalls to avoid. Learn more about the deal of European Patent claim drafting and improve your claim drafting skills.

  • online / 10. - 12.06.2020

Patent Portfolio Generation and Management

Learn in this hands-on course how to improve your patent portfolio management skills. Get more information and register here!

  • online / 11. - 12.06.2020
  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 29. - 30.10.2020

Patentansprüche ausarbeiten: Intensivlehrgang

Der Lehrgang vermittelt praxisnah und intensiv die Kenntnisse, die für eine rechtssichere und interessengerechte Ausarbeitung von Patentansprüchen in der Praxis erforderlich sind.

  • online / 15. - 17.06.2020

Art 84 EPC: Clarity of Claims

This course is about the handling of Art 84 EPC: How to deal with clarity of claims in practice.

  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 15.06.2020
  • München / 13.10.2020

Art 56 EPC: Inventive Step and The Problem-Solution Approach

This course is about the handling of Art 56 EPC: How to deal with inventive step and the problem-solution approach in practice.

  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 16.06.2020
  • München / 14.10.2020

Ausbildungslehrgang IP-Manager [Patent]

Bei der Konzeption des Lehrgangs wurde besonderen Wert darauf gelegt, dass der Lehrgang gleichermaßen von Interessierten mit Hintergrund im Bereich Technik/Physik als auch Pharma/Chemie erfolgreich besucht werden kann.

  • Heidelberg / 17.06. - 12.09.2020
  • Heidelberg / 03.02. - 13.03.2021

IP Key Metrics

This online course is about key metrics for IP. Attendees will learn how to measure IP KPIs.

  • online / 22. - 23.06.2020
  • Amsterdam / 21.10.2020

Pharma/Chemistry: EPO Case-Law Update

The most important published and unpublished decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemistry will be presented.

  • online / 23. - 24.06.2020

Open Source Software: Licenses and Patents

Developers and their superiors need precise knowledge of the open source software (OSS) conditions of use to be complied with if they want to integrate OSS in their own product development. Learn in our online seminar how to use open source software for company products and which licensing issues you have to consider.

  • online / 24. - 25.06.2020